The MDF Cruises training approach attributes a high level of importance to the security team members’ ability to integrate into the onboard International Safety Management Code (“ISM”) procedures and the unique hierarchy and structure of the vessel management teams, officers and crew.

Our training is based on methodologies developed in special Naval units along with Passenger ship, Port Security and top-class Hotel Security experiences. The extensive training process is demanding and includes theoretical, operational and compliance segments to train the candidate on Effectiveness and Professional Know-How and ultimately the safety of overall operations prior to joining a vessel.

Target Group:

All seafarers looking to upskill their existing skill sets and/or those wishing to apply for positions such as a Security Guard, Supervisor or Officer onboard Cruise Ships or Private Yachts.



To ensure that curriculum/value added training is presented to learners at the highest level whilst matching the knowledge and skills required by security personnel onboard by:

  • Enhancing the customers experience
  • Enhancing compliance, to regulatory frameworks
  • Conducting physical security (Prevention)
  • Controlling responses in the event of an emergency
  • Managing risks



Basic Training (3 Days)

  • Cruise Ship Industry – familiarization
  • “Security with a Smile”
  • DO’s and Don’ts
  • Quality Control
  • Zero tolerance policies
  • Security & Prevention Strategy
  • Body Search Techniques
  • “Zero count”
  • Prohibited Items Detection, Confiscation and Tracking
  • Situational awareness
  • Environmental Awareness

Advance Training (5 days)

  • (in addition to the Basic Training subjects)
  • Crime prevention
  • Body language, Suspicious signs
  • Media & Social media
  • Compliance with Enforcement authorities
  • Security level response plan
  • Internal / External audits
  • Ship Security Assessment
  • Drug and Alcohol Breathalyzer policy and Testing procedures
  • Sensitive crime handling
  • Vessel search Plan and Searching techniques
  • IT Security
  • Conflict Management
  • Usage of Defensive Equipment
  • Root cause analysis & corrective actions
  • Crisis management / Human Behavior
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Anti-Piracy

18 years, ABET Literacy Prerequisites:

Passenger Ship Operational (Guest-Focused) Security Training

Course Duration: 3 days for Basic Training and 5 days for Advance Training
Course Certification: Certificate of Completion
Assessment: Written assessment & Practical evaluation
Validity: Not Applicable
Completion Exit Level: The competent leaner will be able to satisfy the knowledge and practical skills requirements as stipulated in the respective curriculums.

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