The Master of Science Shipping and Transport program has been set up in 2007 by the Netherlands Maritime University in cooperation with the maritime and logistics business communities. This study will provide you with the excellent opportunity to improve your maritime knowledge and understanding as well as strengthening your managerial skills. We offer both a full-time and a part-time program.

Information Master of Science

This study will give you an excellent opportunity to improve your maritime and logistics knowledge and understanding as well as to strengthen your managerial skills. You are encouraged to share your views on the dynamic world of shipping with us and with your fellow students from all over the world. Once finished our MSc program, you will be a skilled and knowledgeable professional, excellently equipped to fulfil a higher management position within the shipping and transport industry. Our Academic Board consists of key persons from the industry and the academic society. They make sure that the quality of the program makes your time and money a worthwhile investment.

The Master of Science program

The program will start with an introduction week and afterwards, all courses provide – each in its specific field – a thorough understanding of specific elements of the maritime and logistics sectors. The MSc program is set up in such a way that students are provided with a combination of subject matter knowledge education and competency development. Throughout the curriculum, the emphasis lies in applying knowledge into practice. NMU’s didactical model is derived from Confucius’ famous philosophy: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. We believe that students learn most from practical experience. In summary, NMU’s didactical model is structured around the following learning objectives and realised through a number of practical learning methods. NMU believes that knowledge is transferred best when students not just hear and read, but preferably interact with lecturers and other students in a real-life or simulated real-life environment. The students are offered a wide range of courses that will prepare them for management positions in the maritime or logistics sectors.

Short overview Courses

The MSc program consists of seven different focus areas or domains with a combined study load of 60 ECTS credits. The duration of the MSc program is 12 months. After this, in the consecutive month, the thesis defence and graduation will take place. The courses are clustered in four following topics; Shipping Management, Logistics Management, Finance & Economics and Law & Policies. To combine theory with practice, there are two practical topics; The Shipping Case and the Port Case. And last but not least, there is a substantial part of the MSc program reserved for Management and Research Skills & Thesis Project. All courses together are complementary in
the way that course participants are challenged to approach maritime and transport related issues from different perspectives and from the position of different supply chain players, e.g.: – From the position of a shipping company, port authority, national or regional governmental body, maritime inspection authority, shipbroker, freight forwarder, stevedore, logistics company or financial institution. – From different organizational perspectives, e.g. strategy, crewing and manning (human resources management), operations, finance and accounting, management, (organisation) policies, etc. In addition, cases are an integral part of the curriculum of the Netherlands Maritime University. To make the content of the MSc Program more tangible, there are two major cases during the year; The
Port Case, which focuses on port development and touches all the angles on which to think about, and the Shipping
Case, in which students are asked to start a new shipping company. Both really challenging cases, contribute
directly to the level of the students. The study concludes with a thesis the so-called ‘Master piece’ of the MSc program. During three to four months, every student is required to conduct research and write a thesis, preferably within the context of a relevant management problem.

Admission requirements

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Master of Science Shipping and Transport

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