Target Group:

Seafarers engaged in the safe navigation of vessels at sea. The course is now
also a statutory requirement under the SAMSA Code for Deck Officers and
Fishers. Deck Officers who have taken up careers ashore and wish to keep
their CoC valid are required to complete the course for re-validation purposes.


The course aims at providing those who are likely to become officers in
charge of a navigational watch with the training that is required for the
maintenance of a safe navigational watch and safe navigational passage.
The course will focus on collision avoidance in restricted visibility and
has been specifically designed to encourage learners to make use of all
available resources and /or navigational aids at their disposal in order to
make an informed decision and take the necessary avoidance action.


The ENS course prepares learners in the use of electronic navigational
and position fixing equipment found onboard modern vessels and is
offered at 3 levels, namely:
• Non-STCW,
• STCW Operational
• and STCW Management Level


• How to conduct a safe voyage/passage.
• How to operate basic radar equipment.
• The use of radar equipment in different operations.
• The use of echo sounders and speed logs.
• Knowledge and application of the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, 1972.
• Theoretical knowledge of the ships position using hyperbolic navigation systems.
• Application of the theoretical knowledge on various electronic aids to navigation in order to plan and conduct a safe voyage/passage.
• The use of Automatic Radar Plotting Aid.


Chartwork modules 1 and 2 and a sound knowledge of the collision regulations with mathematics at Grade 12 school level or equivalent.

Electronic Navigation System – Operational

Course Duration: 10 Days
Course Certification: Certificate of Completion
Assessment: Written assessment & Practical evaluation (Simulator)
Validity: Not Applicable
Completion Exit Level: The competent learner will be able to maintain a safe navigational watch and safe navigational passage at sea
STCW Reference: STCW A-II/1 and SAMSA Code
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