Target Group

Must be undertaken by the training of masters, officers, ratings and other personnel onboard passenger ships.


To train a crew member to provide direct service to passengers in passenger spaces, to be able to control a crowd in an emergency situation onboard, locate essential safety and emergency equipment onboard, communicate effectively with passengers during an emergency, demonstrate the use of personal life-saving appliances and comply with the ship’s safety and emergency procedures.


This learning opportunity is designed for the training of all seafarers onboard passenger ships to give those personnel designated on muster lists training on how to assist passengers in emergency situations.


  • Module One: Crowd management
  • Module Two: Safety training for personnel providing direct service to passengers in passenger spaces
  • Module Three: Passenger safety


  • Medically fit for sea

Crowd Management and Passenger Safety

Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Certification: Certificate of Completion
Assessment: Written assessment
Completion Exit Level: The competent learner will be able to perform the role of crew member in management of passengers during emergency situations onboard passenger ships.
STCW Reference: A-V/2 paragraphs 1 and 2

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