Target Group:

This training for masters, chief engineers, chief mates,
engineer officers or any person designated on muster
lists of having responsibility for the safety of passengers
in emergency situations onboard passenger ships.


The course will cover the:

  • An understanding of the organization of shipboard emergency procedures
  • Methods to optimize use of resources
  • Understanding the importance of controlling response to emergencies
  • Ability to control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations
  • Ability to establish and maintaining effective communications


This learning opportunity is designed for all mandatory minimum requirements for the training and qualification of masters, officers, ratings and other personnel on passenger ships.


  • Organize shipboard emergency procedures
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Control response to emergencies
  • Control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations
  • Establish and maintain effective communications
  • Understand and be able to explain the value of teamwork, sharing the workload and how to build good teamwork, thus enhancing safety and efficiency
  • Have good situational awareness and anticipate potential problems
  • Build a shared mental model of the situation and monitor the progress by cross checking
  • Handle unexpected and emergency situations and make decisions that are realistic and sensitive to constraints
  • Understand and be able to explain the value and practical use of the Operating Procedures specified by the Company using cautions, safe strategies and keeping options open as long as possible.


Medically fit for sea

Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (CMHB)

Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Certification: Certificate of Completion
Assessment: Written assessment
Validity: No expiry date
STCW Reference: STCW A-V/2
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