Target Group

Seafarers designated to be in Command Supervisory capacity of Fire Fighting


Practical exercises with specific attention to Command procedures.


The organization of firefighting onboard, planning and execution of procedures with specific attention to:

  • Assignment of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Communication.
  • Management and coordination, in general and of the fire teams.
  • Obtaining information, judgment of situations and taking decisions
  • Cooperation with shore firefighting teams during fire on board.
  • Firefighting regarding dangerous goods.
  • Ventilation techniques and management regarding fire fighting.
  • Modern developments regarding fire fighting
  • Techniques and equivalent.
  • Analysis of various cases.


  • Management, Leadership and Fire Fighting teams.
  • Stability.
  • Maintenance management of firefighting and detection equipment.


STCW Certificate in Basic Safety Training.

Advance Marine Fire Fighting (AFF)

Course Duration: 4 Days
Course Certification: Certificate of Completion
Assessment: Written assessment & Practical evaluation
Validity: 5 years
STCW Reference: A-VI/3
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