Target Group

A promotional requirement for an Ordinary Deck Rating who intends becoming an Able Seafarer Deck.


To give all those interested in a career at sea the basic skills and knowledge to perform the functions applicable to their particular position onboard a vessel competently.


Your first position on a vessel will be an Ordinary Deckhand. After completing the Able Seafarer (Deck) learning opportunity you are required to obtain 18 months sea service in order to obtain your Able Seafarer Deck qualification and seaman’s book. Your sea service and task book must reflect your time and job function on a particular vessel. After occupying the position of an Able Seaman you may be appointed as a Bosun, the person in charge of Deck Operations.


  • Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Ship’s parts, functions and terms.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Anchors and cables.
  • Marine pollution.
  • Derricks and cranes.
  • Navigational watch.
  • Principles of cargo handling and stowage.
  • Ropes and its usage, Bends and Hitches.


  • 19 years of age or older.
  • ABET Literacy
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (PSSR)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST),
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF),
  • First Aid At Sea (FAAS)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft Certified.
  • A valid SAMSA medical certificate, including vision test
  • Completed at least a minimum of 18 months sea
  • service at sea with proof of service.
  • In the possession of a SAMSA Seaman’s Book.
  • Proof of Identity
  • Certificate as ordinary seamen
  • 3 current passport photographs

Able Seafarer Deck (AB(D))

Course Duration: 10 Days
Course Certification: Certificate of Completion
Assessment: Written assessment & practical evaluation.
Validity: Not Applicable
Completion Exit Level: The competent learner will be able to perform the role of an Able Seafarer Deck Rating effectively and efficiently.
STCW Reference: A-II/5

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